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Central Heating Filters

If your central heating system is not performing as well as it should be

This will more than likely be because of a build up of sludge in the radiator system and pipework.

​This can be rectified with a Chemical Clean and a MagnaClean central heating filter.  

To clean the system and flush out all containment's

The cleaner the water in the system the more efficient the boiler.

Signs that you need a Heating Filter

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Save on your heating bills !

Magnetic Filters: Are they Worth it?


YES!...The last thing you want is for your boiler to run less efficiently or, worse, stop working altogether.

The rust and debris that builds up in your pipes over time can turn these scenarios into a reality.

That doesn’t mean to say you have to just accept that this will happen, far from it.


A magnetic filter can be installed which will collect the sludge and dirt before it builds up within your central heating system, so your boiler can continue to run as efficiently as ever


Can I Add a Magnetic Filter to my Existing Heating System?

Magnetic filters are most commonly added to a boiler during installation or retro fitted to existing boilers, we wont install a boiler without one they are an essential addition to a heating system.

If you’d like to add a magnetic filter to your heating system but aren’t looking to replace your boiler then you can still have one fitted to your existing system.  

Look after your boiler with a Magna Clean Filter

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