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Have you considered an Air Source Heat Pump

We offer a wide range of options to fit your homes requirements

Air to water heat pumps can take care of all your heating and hot water needs

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Worcseter Bosch



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LG Therma V

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What is an air source heat pump?

Most home heating systems either burn fuel or convert electricity into heat. But heat pumps are different because they don’t generate heat.

Instead, they move existing heat energy from outside into your home. This makes them more efficient. Since they deliver more heat energy than the electrical energy they consume. So a heat-pump system typically costs less to run than a traditional heating system too.


How does an air source heat pump work?

  • Outside air is blown over a network of tubes filled with a refrigerant. This warms up the refrigerant, and it turns from a liquid into a gas.

  • This gas passes through a compressor, which increases the pressure. Compression also adds more heat – similar to how the air hose warms up when you top up the air pressure in your tyres.

  • The compressed, hot gases pass into a heat exchanger, surrounded by cool air or water. The refrigerant transfers its heat to this cool air or water, making it warm. And this is circulated around your home to provide heating and hot water. Meanwhile, the refrigerant condenses back into a cool liquid and starts the cycle all over again!

How does an air source heat pump work?

Using an air source heat pump for heating​

  • Heat pumps work best when there’s less of a difference between the inside and outside temperatures. In much the same way that your fridge has to work harder in hot weather.

  • This makes them a good match for underfloor heating systems. Floors cover a much bigger area than radiators so they don’t need to get as hot to provide the same amount of heat.

  • Air source heat pumps also have a lower output than a gas or oil-fired boiler. This means they can’t deliver heat as quickly. Instead, they’re best used to heat your home up slowly over a longer period.

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Using an air source heat pump for hot water

  • Heat pumps can also be a great source of hot water – but the water will be cooler than from a boiler. Practically this means that If you’re running a bath, you’ll need more hot water and less from the cold tap. So you’ll likely need a bigger hot water tank to cover your needs too.

Air source heat pump and radiators

  • If you have radiators in your home, and you’re switching from a gas-fired heating system to an air source heat pump, you’ll probably need to buy some bigger radiators to keep your house toasty.

Ways to pay for your new Heat Pump...


If you are looking to pay for your Heat Pump using your own debit or credit card that's fine.


We accept most major credit and debit cards.


You can spread the cost of your Heat Pump with 0% Apr


12 months interest free


You can also spread the cost for a longer period of time with Heat Pump Finance

3 / 5 /10 years  @ 9.9% APR

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