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Need a Boiler Service ?

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Peace of mind that your boilers in good hands 

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Badly maintained gas appliances can emit carbon dioxide gas which is lethal.

Your boiler, which cheerfully warmed your home, can become a danger to your family if you do not look after it, We can offer piece of mind at a discounted rate

Carbon Monoxide is an extremely toxic gas and cant be smelled or tasted. This gas can be created when a boiler is functioning with insufficient oxygen supplied to the combustion chamber

Our service only costs £75 + VAT, and we offer a full service. Our Gas Safe Engineer will print off details of your boilers performance using a specialized flue gas analyzer for you to keep.

Failure to get a boiler service yearly means that your boilers guarantee becomes invalid and you will not be covered for any breakdowns or manufacturers faults.

And can also makes your home insurance void with some insurer's

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We will carry out a full inspection of the appliance to check that it meets current safety regulations. If the appliance does not comply with safety regulations we will let you know what additional work is necessary. Please note that the service can only be carried out if the appliance is fully functional.

All gas appliances must be checked for safety at least every 12 months. 


Our Boiler Service includes the following checks:

1. Check appliance for gas tightness.

2. Check for satisfactory ventilation.

3. Check working pressure of appliance.

4. Check burner pressure / gas rate against manufacturer's instructions.

5. Carry out flue flow / spillage test to ensure safe removal of products of combustion.

6. Check satisfactory operation of all safety devices.

7. Inspect the internal operation of the boiler for any signs of incomplete combustion.

8. Provide flue/gas analyser report.

9. Inspect flue to ensure it is safe, secure and to current standards.

10. Report any unsafe operation to the customer and carry out repairs if required.

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Boiler Inspection and Boiler Service

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Leaking & dripping

There are a few reasons why your boiler is making odd noises, it could be air in your system, water pressure too low, Imminent pump failure or it’s kettling.

You might be able to determine the type of problem your boiler is having based on the type of noise it’s making. 

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Pilot light has gone out

Your pilot light is a small gas flame that will ignite a more powerful gas burner, to help your boiler heat up quickly. If your pilot light is out then it’s likely automatically shutting down the gas supply.

It’s very important that you check there aren’t any issues with the gas supply. If your gas stopcock is turned on but your boiler and gas appliances aren’t working, then you should immediately contact your gas supplier.

If this isn’t the case, your pilot light igniter may be broken and in need of replacing. Always seek the help of a Gas Safe engineer to replace any parts that involve gas work.

Plumber in Falkirk area.

No heat or hot water

Boiler not working? The first thing you should check is your boiler pressure and thermostat.

If your boiler pressure is normal and your thermostat is set correctly then it will likely be internal component failing. If that’s the case and you can’t get the boiler working, we suggest getting a Gas Safe engineer to repair your boiler.

Plumber in Falkirk area.

Low boiler pressure

A quick pressure check is simple, just go to your boiler and look at the gauge meter. If your needle is below 1, then you likely have low boiler pressure which could be caused by a water leak somewhere in your system.

If you can’t find any visible leaks you may be lucky, and it just needs to be repressured. This is something you can do by checking your boiler manufacturers website and finding the section on how to repressure your boiler model. 

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can always call a Gas Safe engineer to sort it out.

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heating engineers in falkirk area
Boiler Inspection and Servicing We will carry out a full inspection of the appliance to check that it meets current safety regulations. If the appliance does not comply ...
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Boiler Inspection and Servicing We will carry out a full inspection of the appliance to check that it meets current safety regulations. If the appliance does not comply ...
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Cozy heat were brilliant from start to finish. the team were professional. The work they did was to a high standard. There was extra problems and they sorted it all with no fuss whilst also keeping disruption to a minium. We will be using cozy heat for any future work we may have .
Thank you again

Cathy Rooke


boiler service grangemouth

I can only say outstanding service, booked to get new fire fitted, then I had bought wrong fire, the two men went got me new fire , they then fitted it, also they bled my radiators, when I had asked about new radiators, first class service, would recommend to anyone. 
Thank you for a great service.


Margaret Watson


boiler service larbert
Recently got a new IDEAL boiler fitted by cozyheat. Engineer did a fantastic job very neat finish.
Absolutely no issues at all since installation. Would recommend cozyheat to family and friends.
Great service Thanks.

Les Hogg

Carronshore , Falkirk

boiler service boness

Excellent service by Graeme and his team. Professional, fair quote and quality boiler (I research these things!). No hidden costs and completed sooner than expected. Don't normally bother to do reviews, but this company deserve it and happy to give them full marks.

Max Gillespie